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Available Services

Discovery Session

A meeting for you to learn more about my coaching style and for both of us to decide if we want to work together.

Body Doubling or Accountability Partner

I find having the support of someone just ‘there’ exceptionally helpful. Either in person or virtually, this is something I offer.


This can be done virtually or in person and is where we work together on your goals, whether individual, 2 of you or with a group.

Ad-hoc Ideas

Tricks I use to make my own ADHD life easier I am happy to implement for others. Eg collating important documents and organising them.

ADHD Group Coaching

This is a group specifically for ADHD coaching. For like minded individuals to hold each other accountable and to share triumphs and tribulations.

Hire Service

I have certain items that are meant to help with neurodiversity, whether it’s particular books or whether it’s a weighted blanket and they are available for hire. If you want me to test something I am also very open to ideas!

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