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About Me

Hi, my name is Antonia & I am a coach specializing in neurodiversity.

What does that actually mean? 

It means following a lifetime of knowledge and experience on neurodiversity, plus a career in Human Resources and a certification, I made it official and completed two certifications: an ICF accredited coaching course and 'ADHD beyond medication' PESI UK course.

My role and business has grown from my original goal of 'hopefully helping a neurodivergent or two', to a variety of achievements, listed under Quick Facts. >

However, at the heart of my business is still helping people with neurodiversity in the best way possible. I coach individuals. I create and deliver workshops. I also speak on panels.

Personal coaching is self help when you need it most.

I am here to improve your life with real actionable changes, for you to make progress and achieve your personal goals.

I wish I could wave a magic wand, that made neurodiversity easy. However, the most meaningful change comes from within you as an individual.

I believe everyone has the ability to be their best self. Some people (especially in the rapidly evolving neurodiverse community) just need a little more support.

It IS within reach & you DO have the power to grab it. I can show you how.
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Quick Facts:

  • 2024 Spoke on second panel, for The Network

  • 2024 Facebook group I manage is close to 300 members!

  • 2023 Conducted first in person ADHD workshops

  • 2023 Spoke on a panel for ANABL - banks - about invisible disability alongside the Minister for Health

  • 2022 Restarted working for my commune 

  • 2022 Signed first clients

  • 2022 My first decade anniversary living in Luxembourg & applied for official business registration permit

  • 2022 Gained Certification in Coaching (& finished ADHD certification)

  • 2021 Started 'ADHD Beyond Medication' certificate

  • 2020 COVID - volunteering at a temporary Maison Medical during the first lockdown

  • 10/01/20 I gained Luxembourgish nationality. One of the hardest things I've achieved

  • 2018 Worked for my commune

  • 2012 Moved to Luxembourg

  • 2010 Joined Thames Valley Police

  • 2006 Gained a Certificate in Personnel Practice

If the rest of the world is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, I help you enlarge the hole a little.
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